360o assessment tool for
gender equality in workplace culture

What is the EQUALISER 360 assessment tool?

The tool provides a holistic approach to assessing the culture of gender equality in a company.

It supports your company’s managers and employees to measure the elements that constitute an inclusive workplace, that respects gender equality.

How does it work?

In 4 simple steps:

  1. You open a free company account
  2. You define for your company the number of respondents, the type (manager AND/ OR Employees and the duration of the assessment
  3. You send the tool generated tokens to the people from your company participating in the assessment.
  4. After the end of the assessment duration, you access the tool generated reports based on the type of employees

The tool as an addon to the EQUALISER training

The 360o assessment tool can be used:

  • as a stand-alone tool, providing insight into a company’s  workplace culture and policies regarding gender equality
  • before and after the EQUALISER training , allowing management to better evaluate the impact and results of the training

A few words about the EQUALISER project

Equaliser is a European Erasmus+ project aiming to promote, through innovative and integrated approaches, gender equality, and diversity in the workplace, for companies aiming to cultivate inclusion and respect, supporting equal opportunities for all genders. 

Equaliser provides companies, organisations, managers, and employees the necessary tools to eliminate to eliminate and tackle gender discrimination and segregation in the workplace, creating positive and inclusive working environments for everyone.